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Probably not until 2021 in Glasgow: UN climate conference is postponed

              The next UN climate conference should take place in November. The Scottish Glasgow expected about 30,000 people. But the meeting does not take place. For now.               The UN climate conference scheduled for November in Glasgow, Scotland is postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by the British government. A new date for 2021

New CL dates! Then it should go on for FC Bayern Munich and Co.

The corona virus strangles the entire globe. Professional football is also feeling the far-reaching protective measures – several events have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19. follows the latest developments related to the Corona crisis in the live blog. Serie A could continue on May 20th April Joke? Stevens gives Schalke comeback resumption

Queen's Trailer – FILM.TV

  SquareOne picture to Queen The story of Queen Trailer: The successful lawyer Anne lives a perfect life. She lives in a beautiful house with her husband Peter – a successful doctor – and her two daughters. When Peter one day decided to take in his 16-year-old son Gustav, who had previously lived with his ex-wife,

Home theater: The most popular films on Netflix

 Netflix not only regularly releases series, but also new films. The streaming giant offers all users a very large selection. It can quickly happen that you lose track of things. So that you don't miss the highlights, we present them to you in this list. Here are the most popular films currently available on Netflix.