"Acceptance is gradually disappearing": 1000 urgent applications against corona rules

              Many people in Germany are longing for easing in the pandemic. According to the German Association of Judges, this is also reflected in the number of urgent applications against the restrictions. Already a good 1000 have been received, with new ones being added every day.
              German constitutional and administrative courts have now received around 1,000 urgent applications in connection with the restrictions of the corona pandemic. The legal proceedings concern, for example, the obligation to wear a mask, assembly bans, travel restrictions, worship regulations or regulations for business openings, as the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe cite, referring to the German Judges Association and the desire for easing is growing ", Richterbund managing director Sven Rebehn told the newspapers. In Berlin alone, at the largest of the 51 German administrative courts, around 60 proceedings have been recorded so far. And there would be new ones every day. "The longer the pandemic restrictions last, the more closely they have to be checked for their further proportionality," said Rebehn. It was always a matter of weighing up whether, in view of the course of the infection, more finely graded, milder measures for health protection would be available. "The constitutional and administrative courts are proving to be an effective corrective to extensive restrictions in the Corona crisis." In the past, all or part of the applications were accepted.

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