"Bauer sucht Frau International": With tarot cards for love happiness

              Sunday April 26, 2020
                By Kai Butterweck

              A model in the Indian jungle, classical music over the rooftops of South Africa and camping fun in New Zealand: In the second episode of "Bauer sucht Frau International", the participants raise the do-not-exist-not-flag.
              Following the opening trip tour to Italy, Namibia, Australia and New Zealand, Inka Bause and the curious format community will travel to South Africa and India in the second episode. There, the pairing-ready forest and meadow experts Ashok and Gerhard are waiting for the love of their lives. Before it comes to great emotions in sunny South Africa (Gerhard) and the jungle of India (Ashok), personal decisions have to be made in cold Germany. High heels beat piercings After an in-depth look at the love mail, spice guru Ashok chose three women who dance at fundamentally different weddings in everyday life. Research Candy, for example, presents itself as a down-to-earth merchant. Animal keeper Melanie wants to score with depth and facial piercings. The third in the group is model Sarah, a blonde high-heeled figure with a lot of make-up on her face and a stack of tarot cards in her handbag. It's hard to believe, but the latter actually leaves everyone else behind in the race for Ashok's heart. Together with the video clip follower Myriah, who already digitally sends love kisses, Sarah, who is blessed with Swedish and Afghan roots, can now look forward to an exciting court week in distant India. "Very deep contact" Cattle breeder Gerhard is also spoiled for choice under the supervision of coupling agent Inka Bause. The studied musician and mathematician expects "very deep contact". The tanned friend of the classic ringtone only creates this with orchestral musician and Franz-Lachner-Fangirl Birgit and animal psychologist Regina. The esoterically inspired mantra-bard Bettina, piano friend Sabine and goat fanatic Annette, on the other hand, have to bury their dream of great happiness in love under a distant flag after getting to know them. A cow tail length in love-is … Farmer oldie Sigi and poultry princess Vivien. The Australian poultry expert has her three husbands so far that the first cockfights begin to appear after the second breakfast. The first round definitely goes to Pfalz-Bub Rüdiger, who competitor Sebastian is locked in the chicken coop in an uncharming manner. However, the "free path" is used insufficiently. Vivien is not particularly impressed by Rüdiger's neck games. The jailer does not get more than the hand-knitted egg apron. He sleeps where there is space. New Zealand, Italy and Namibia are still a long way from the first wrangling over the object of desire. While Edith and Freia are lovingly taking care of the physical well-being of goat breeder Sigi on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, fruit growers Christoph and Kara (competitor Marinke is still ill in Germany in Germany) are enjoying the taste benefits of homemade bruschetta snacks somewhere in northern Italy . Katja and Maria could also use something tasty from the local kitchen. After an 18-hour flight, the two New Zealand adventurers grow their guts. Instead of crispy roast lamb and delicious bluff oysters, beekeepers Daniel only offer honey and champagne. The master of the bees does not think much of a great welcome fanfare. What is eaten is what is currently at the start. And you sleep wherever there is space. And since the guest area of ​​the farm is currently being renovated, the duvets of the two ladies from Germany are presented in the spartan interior of a camper. Katja and Maria, who looked a little puzzled, certainly imagined their first nights in New Zealand to be a little different. But be it. Honey, bubbly and a camper: If Daniel were a fan of orcs and Uruks, it could have been worse. "Bauer sucht Frau International" runs every Sunday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL and is available on TVNOW. Further information on the program is also available at

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