This is what Hamilton says about the engine problems at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton trusts that the Mercedes team is doing everything it can to address the reliability problems with the Formula 1 engine before the Australian Grand Prix Get a grip on 2020. However, he admits that it was a "difficult" winter for the engine department.

According to information from "", the problems at Mercedes were not identical. So now it's time to determine whether solving the initial problem caused a new one elsewhere.

According to Hamilton, the drive units have reached a level at which big jumps are difficult to achieve and it is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to tease out performance. "There was a time when we simply gained more and more with the V6 turbo [Leistung] But as with everything you finally reach the point where the steps get smaller. The question is how much you can squeeze out now. How far can you go? "There are hardly any increases" We have now arrived in this area You only get additional results from the high investment. But I have complete confidence that the guys are methodical and the engine is good, definitely an improvement compared to last year. "" We're just not where we are from I want to be reliable. But I'm sure that they have the factory working on fixing the problem, whatever it is. "The Mercedes W11 may be considered the fastest car o emerged from the 2020 winter test drives on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but it wasn’t an easy two weeks. In the first test week, the factory team had to use two engines when Valtteri Bottas had an engine failure after two days. The drive unit was checked through and got okay to reinstall in the second week of testing after Lewis Hamilton stopped with an abnormality in oil pressure, and Williams also had to use three engines. That caused further frowns at Mercedes. Finally, it's time to find the final specification for the first homologated unit of the season. Racing Point unconcerned Racing Point technical chief Andy Green, whose team got through the test drives with Mercedes engines without any problems, says that the problems of the other Mercedes Teams weren't entirely unexpected. "I think HPP [Mercedes High Performance Powertrains] is aware of the problems in the past few weeks and has taken countermeasures," he says. "I don't think they're worried." "They tell us they don't worry, so we don't worry. We think we'll be in good shape in Melbourne. These are test drives, there you go after all, that's why [Probleme zu finden]. "" I think these were just teething troubles. You [Mercedes] had a whole lot of difficulties, but I think these are known problems. They are not unknown and can be remedied. "

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