Uncharted: Game adaptation with Tom Holland is delayed again

 The work on the Uncharted movie with Tom Holland in the leading role is sluggish. It has not been a long time since the director was found for the project. But now there is bad news for all fans: the story repeats itself and the post has now become vacant again. The Uncharted film can only be cursed, like many artifacts in the world of the underlying video games. This is the only way to explain that so far no director has managed to pull the project through. It was recently announced that Bumblebee maker Travis Knight is to film the popular adventure story. But now, among other things, Deadline announces that nothing will come of it. Knight has left the project due to scheduling conflicts.
It is just one of many directors who have turned their backs on the blockbuster. David O. Russell (The Fighter), Seth Gordon (Baywatch), Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) and Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) were already committed to the project and then decided against it again. By the way, exact details about the script are still not officially known. It can only be assumed that Uncharted will be the background to the popular action adventures. Because at the age of 23, Nathan Drake actor Tom Holland is a lot younger than the video game hero. Depending on when the right director is finally found, this could also change. The real plan, of course, is to implement the prequel. In it we will see Mark Wahlberg as Drake's mentor Victor Sullivan, among others. However, Wahlberg, at 48, is also significantly younger than the figure in the model.
It is now very unlikely that the film will continue to be released on December 17, 2020. Even if the next candidate was found promptly and immediately put in the director's chair. By the way, next summer, leading actor Tom Holland will be back in front of the camera as Spider-Man. It remains to be seen when a suitable director for the Uncharted film will finally be found and how the dates of the cast and crew then fit together.

Source: Deadline

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