The Pass: Start of filming for season 2 – first picture

 Last week the shooting for the second season of the multi-award-winning Sky Original "The Pass" started in Austria. On 80 days of shooting and almost 120 motifs in Austria and Bavaria, filming will continue until June 2020. Cryill Boss and Philipp Stennert, who already created an outstanding series event with the first season, stage the gripping case again according to their own script. Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann are producing again on behalf of Sky Deutschland in co-production with Epo-Film. On the part of Sky, Quirin Schmidt is responsible for the series as Executive Producer.
The son of an influential family becomes a murderer while his older brother goes to extremes to protect him and his family. When corpses of young women are repeatedly found in the border region, a German-Austrian team of investigators is supposed to bring down the increasingly brutal and unscrupulous serial offender.
Ellie Stocker, who is still suffering from the events of the Krampuskiller case, also gets competition from the young, ambitious colleague Yela Antic and soon meets an old friend – Gedeon Winter.
Fascinating characters, elaborate sets and unusual locations in an archaic landscape are also the starting point for a nerve-wracking murder hunt when shooting the second season. Julia Jentsch returns as "Ellie Stocker" and Nicholas Ofczarek again takes on the role of "Gedeon Winter". And there is also a reunion with Martin Feifel and Christopher Schärf. The top-class actor ensemble will be supplemented in the second season with great newcomers – including: Dominic Marcus Singer and Christoph Luser as brothers, Andreas Lust, Sibylle Canonica, Stefan Hunstein, Erol Nowak, and the newcomer Franziska von Harsdorf.
Already for the first broadcast, the Süddeutsche Zeitung "The Pass" ennobled to the "perfect crime series"; Spiegel Online raved about a "masterly sophisticated psychological crime drama" and congratulated Focus on the actors and creators for their "groundbreaking series". The first season, which was broadcast on Sky first in January 2019 and then also as a free TV premiere on ZDF in December last year, won the Golden Camera award for "Best TV Series" in 2019 and was awarded at the award ceremony for the most important Austrian film and Television award, the Romy 2019, the awards for "Best Series" and for "Best Producers" and is nominated in the "Fiction" category for the Grimme Prize, which will be awarded on March 27, 2020. In the meantime, the broadcast rights for the first season have been sold to 60 international markets, including to the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, France, India, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Quirin Schmidt, Executive Producer Sky: "After the great success of the first season, it quickly became clear that we absolutely wanted to tell the story of Ellie Stocker and Gedeon Winter," said Schmidt. "We are all the more pleased that we can go into production with the great books by Cyrill and Philipp, another outstanding cast and a fantastic team. The second season will build on the vision and power of the first, but will also be decidedly different We are telling a completely new type of perpetrator who, following his pathological instincts, becomes a murderer and acts in a milieu in which the powerful are convinced to determine the rules that apply to them.We will see whether Ellie Stocker and oppose Gedeon Winter, or become a victim yourself. Certainly 'The Pass' will be even more drastic and intense, because we will penetrate deeper into the dark abysses of our characters.
Quirin Berg, producer W&B Television: "With this season, Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert have made another big hit. The two of them have created a completely new and gripping case that will surely delight not only those who are already fans of the first season We can also look forward to the brilliant play by Julia Jentsch and Niki Ofczarek, to a great ensemble and fantastic pictures. "
The eight episodes of the second season of "Der Pass" are again produced by the producer duo Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann on behalf of Sky Deutschland. Executive producer for W&B Television is André Zoch. As an Austrian co-producer, epo-film by Dieter and Jakob Pochlatko is also on board again. Direction and script for the new episodes are again the responsibility of Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert. Again, you are working with cameraman Philipp Peschlow, who has already created impressive images for the first season. On the part of Sky Germany, Quirin Schmidt is still responsible for the series as Executive Producer. The film is shot in Austria and Bavaria. The broadcast is planned for the first quarter of 2021.
The new season of "The Pass" is funded by the German Motion Picture Fund, TV Fund Austria (RTR), FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria (FFF) and the State of Salzburg. Beta Film is responsible for worldwide distribution.
Continuation of the highly acclaimed first season
Filming starts on January 21, 2020 in Austria
Starring Julia Jentsch and Nicholas Ofzcarek
Again responsible for direction and script: Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert
Producers: Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann in co-production with epo film
Exclusive broadcast on Sky in Germany and Austria in the first quarter of 2021

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