The Boss Baby: Series starts on Disney Channel

 Probably the youngest boss in world history is now working on the Disney Channel: After the successful movie "The Boss Baby", the series "The Boss Baby – Back in business" about the diaper flare can now be found at the Munich station. And he still has it fist-thick behind his ears! So we can see him and his colleagues in action again when it comes to beating the competition. Because fluffy kitties and harmless seniors make life difficult for the most famous baby in the cinema and television world when it comes to the love of adults.
From January 2020, the baby in a business suit will conquer the Disney Channel in the 24-minute episodes. The series adaptation of the hit movie “The Boss Baby” (2017) takes place after the events of the film. The producers Matt Engstrom and Brandon Sawyer send the brothers Tim and Theodore aka "The Boss Baby" on new adventures. These have lost their original rivalry and are now a well-established team. And since the competition never sleeps, the brothers have a lot to do again. The laugh muscles in this series, like in the movie, by no means fall by the wayside! "The Boss Baby – Back in business" promises fun and entertainment for the whole family! A continuation of the story based on a picture book by Marla Frazee is also planned.
The content of the series: At first glance, Tim's little brother is a normal, funny baby who can be spoiled by his parents. But appearances are deceptive, because little Fratz leads a double life: he works as a Boss Baby, who can actually speak and walk upright, in the company "Baby Corporation". This ensures that babies are more popular all over the world than kittens and puppies. And that is not so easy, because in addition to everyday problems such as whining babies that take the nerve of the neighborhood and make babies unpopular, Boss Baby has to stop a big conspiracy and defeat his adversary, the cat fan Doctor Calico. Fortunately, Tim is always at his side and can support Boss Baby with clever ideas and creativity and show the profit-oriented toddler what is really important: namely cohesion and love.
We are showing you the trailer for the movie here in the player, so that you have the history of the TV series on your screen again.

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