Sky shows the best films and series from the UK at Brexit

 Great Britain is leaving the EU this Friday, January 31. On this occasion, Sky presents the best films and series from England in the big special "Bye-bye, Britain!" We say goodbye with the brilliant Brit successes "Notting Hill", "Bridget Jones – chocolate for breakfast", "Bube, Dame, König, grAs" and the current films "Johnny English – You only live three times" and "Holmes & Watson ", which can be seen exclusively on Sky. English series such as the award-winning Sky Originals "A Discovery of Witches", "Patrick Melrose" with the British superstar Benedict Cumberbatch and "Britannia" are there as well as the costume hit "Victoria" and cult series like "Doc Martin". What would the Brit comedy be without Hugh Grant? Whether alongside Julia Roberts as an unsuccessful bookseller in "Notting Hill" or as the arrogant boss of Renée Zellweger in the "Bridget Jones" hits – his rascal grin belongs to London like chips to fish. Sky shows in its special "Bye-bye, Britain!" these romantic comedies just like Guy Ritchie's ingenious gangster thrillers. With "Bube, Dame, König grAs" and "Snatch – pigs and diamonds" he not only redefined British coolness twenty years ago, but also laid the foundation stone for the world career of warlord Jason Statham. And the cult comedy "All or not at all" with Robert Carlyle and his involuntary stripper troupe is part of the program.
In "Johnny English – You Only Live Three Times", Rowan Atkinson goes on a mishap for a crook. Sky is showing this hit movie as part of "Bye-bye, Britain!" exclusively in Germany, just like "Holmes & Watson", in which Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly stumble through London as a weird pair of investigators.
Series are of course also part of "Bye-bye, Britain!". The British Sky Originals "Britannia" on the bloody battle between the Romans and the Celts and "Patrick Melrose" with Benedict Cumberbatch as an aristocratic playboy with drug problems and a traumatic past, as well as the vampire series "A Discovery of Witches" and the drama series "Save Me" are among the highlights. But "Doc Martin", "The Tunnel", "The Fall – Death in Belfast" and "Yonderland" also offer the best British entertainment in series. All series and film hits can be called up at any time via Sky Q or Sky Go.
The Sky Store has another brilliant Brit program on offer. Here also under "Bye-bye, Britain!" many new hits are offered: "London Has Fallen", "Rocketman", "Downton Abbey" and "Yesterday".

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