Sky Show: New films and series in February 2020

 February at Sky Show and Sky Store in Switzerland ensures captivating streaming experiences! The Sky Original The New Pope takes us into the world of the Vatican from February 20th and continues the plot of the successful series 'The Young Pope'. The story begins with Pius XIII in a coma. The Catholic Church has decided to elect a new Pope. But he did not live long under the chosen name Francis II. And so finally the Secretary of the Vatican, Voiello, managed to maneuver the British nobleman John Brannox onto the Holy See. At first he appears to be an ideal pope, but he also hides numerous secrets. One can only hope that one day Pius will not wake up and the church will be confronted with two incumbent popes.
The Bates Motel psycho-thriller series, which serves as an indirect prehistory to the famous Alfred Hitchcock film «Psycho», also creates pure tension. The story revolves around 17-year-old Norman, who threatens to destroy his and his mother's plans for the longed-for restart due to his psychological problems. The series starts on February 12th on Sky Show.
Those who like it more romantic are well served with the captivating love drama The Sun Is Also A Star, which will be available on Sky Show from February 1st. Fate seems to bring Natasha and Daniel together, but their young love is not under a good star as Natasha's deportation from the U.S. is around the corner. The beautiful and at the same time heartbreaking love story leaves no one untouched.
Crime fans and drama enthusiasts alike can look forward to a highlight on Sky Store: The Blockbuster Joker cinema will be available from February 20 and will illuminate the tragically exciting developments in the life of Arthur Flecks, who – shaped by various events – is becoming increasingly popular developed to a sick criminal.
Fresh Off The Boat – Season 5 The Taiwanese Huang family, who previously lived in Chinatown, Washington, are moving to Florida to open a steakhouse. But the new start is bumpy: not only do guests stay out of the steakhouse for a while, also in school and in the neighborhood, the cultural differences do not make it easy for the family. In season 5, Jessica believes that she has reached her dream destination, because her book is finally available in stores. When the hoped-for success does not materialize, the planned book tour threatens to fall into the water. Release: February 5, 2020
Bates Motel – Season 1 Shortly after the death of his father, Norm moves with his mother Norma to Oregon, where they have bought an old motel and an associated apartment building and want to bring it up to scratch. However, there are a number of obstacles to the success of your new "Bates Motel". In addition, the inhabitants of the supposedly idyllic coastal town seem to be guarding some dark secrets. Again and again it becomes clear how unstable Norman's psyche is. His mother is concerned about his regular blackouts and trance-like states. Released: February 12, 2020
Ray Donovan – Season 7 Ray Donovan works for a powerful law firm in Los Angeles, where he solves the problems of the rich and famous. However, Ray is less confident in his family life than in his job. He rarely sees his discontented wife Abby and the two children. Ray's life is in turmoil when his father is suddenly released from prison. In season 7, the Donovans are involved in a murder case. Ray is afraid that his therapy may be exposed. Release: February 14, 2020
The Walking Dead – Season 10Part 2: When Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up from a week-long coma, he finds a completely changed world in which survivors of a zombie apocalypse are fleeing from the ubiquitous undead. He leads a small group of survivors in search of permanent and safe accommodation. The zombies present everywhere are a constant threat. The danger from the whisperers has not yet been averted in season 10. Alpha is already planning a new attack. Release: February 24, 2020
Madam Secretary – Season 5 As a newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord has to reconcile international diplomacy, everyday office life and her complex family life. Although she can count on the support of President Conrad Dalton, with whom she had already worked during her time at the CIA, with Chief of Staff Russell Jackson she has a powerful and scheming adversary in the White House who will block her at every opportunity sets. After an attack on the White House, Elizabeth 5's disarmament agreement is on the brink in season 5. She seeks advice from her predecessors in office. Release: February 25, 2020
Room 104 – Season 3 It's a normal room in an ordinary hotel in America: Room 104. Each episode of the gripping series tells unique and unexpected stories that take place in this motel room. The story of a man looking for a cure for his skin disease; the owner of an exotic animal wants to sell it; estranged siblings try to make a joint investment and some more. Release: February 26, 2020
Alita Battle Angel In the 26th century, Doc Ido found the remains of a cyborg with a human brain on the garbage dumps of Iron City, which he brought to life as Alita. The robot girl has no memory of her previous life. However, her friend Hugo does everything she can to remember her past and the rulers of Iron City soon hunt for Alita. Because it has unique combat skills that the city wants to take advantage of. Released: February 01, 2020
The Sun Is Also A Star is her last chance: Natasha, born in Jamaica, is fighting for her future because the next day she and her family are to be deported from the United States. While desperately seeking help, she meets aspiring college student Daniel. Immediately the sparks fly between the two strangers, whose paths might never have crossed if fate hadn't helped a little. The two roam the streets of New York and ask the question: Does their young love have a chance? Release: February 01, 2020
Vox Lux For Celeste, after a killing spree at her school, nothing is what it used to be. With the support of her sister Eleanor, she begins to write songs. The two recite one of them at a memorial service for the dead of the massacre. The ballad is a real hit and suddenly Celestes is a celebrated star. 17 years later, Celeste is preparing for a huge homecoming concert in her old hometown. At a time when the singer has to cope with chaotic family relationships and her daughter Albertine, she releases her sixth studio album with "Vox Lux", goes on tour and seems to find her old strength again. Release: February 07, 2020
Greta Young Frances is new to New York City. When she finds a forgotten handbag in the subway, it goes without saying that she brings back the find from the original owner. From an initial conversation, a friendship quickly developed between Frances and the widowed Greta, the two more and more often keep company. But the attention given to each other soon takes on threatening features. Release: February 15, 2020
More releases in February on Sky Show
Series: House of Saddam, from 05.02.2020
Tell Me You Love Me Season 1, from February 5th, 2020
Carter season 1-2, from 06.02.2020
The Passion, from February 7th, 2020
The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, from 02/12/2020
The Walking Dead Season 1-10, from February 17th, 2020
Work In Progress Season 1, from February 18, 2020
Films: Poms, from February 8th, 2020
Ma, from 09.02.2020
The Public, from 14.02.2020
Killerman, from February 21, 2020
The Kid Who Would Be King, from February 22nd, 2020
Can You Ever Forgive Me ?, from 29.02.2020

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