Jungle Camp 2020: Day 5 – The first celebrity calls the sentence

 While Anastasiya Avilova and Raúl Richter deliver the treasure hunt today, Danni Büchner – once again – reaches his limits in the jungle test. In addition, Prince Damien speaks openly about his bisexuality, Marco sinks again into the sea of ​​tears and Danni also unpacks further details from her past. Danni Büchner shouts "I'm a star – get me out of here!" in the jungle test: The "Danni Show" continues. Also on the fifth day of the jungle, the Büchner widow goes hunting for stars. In the jungle test "Ge-Elevator" Danni has to climb into an elevator that takes her down three floors. The elevator stops on each floor, a three-minute countdown begins and the 41-year-old has time to search for eleven stars between pythons, rats and spiders. Dr. Bob swears in the troubled Danni: "There are animals down there that love dark places. But you will not die". When Danni enters the elevator, she stammered: "Oh God, I'm all alone there." Sonja Zietlow mischievously: "Well, you're not alone there." The elevator, filled with meat waste, moves down. Danni immediately gets a cockroach shower, screams and whimpers. When the door to the first room opens and Danni sees a few pythons, it's all over for her. She cries and sobs bitterly: "I can't do that. I'm a star, get me out of here!" Howling and gasping, the cult emigrant breaks off the jungle test: zero stars!
Danni's story of suffering: Danni Büchner had a difficult life, she reports to Claudia Norberg in detail at night: "I used to be a dad. At 13, something happened that wasn't so nice. I never saw him again afterwards. It was so good! It was so bad. We always saw when he beat up our mother, we always had to watch, so I never wanted my children to notice when I was shit or when I was beaten up – but she have also noticed it with me. " Claudia wants to know if Danni is still in contact with the father of her three older children. "He is dead – heart attack at 34," said Danni. "I have five children and both fathers are dead. And then there are people who call me Black Widow …" she says incredulously. Before she met Jens, there was a man with whom Danni had had bad experiences: "He insulted me, spat at me, and sometimes hit me so that I got sick. Sometimes I thought: 'You have to kill yourself.' A psychologist wanted to instruct me. It was like Borderline. I was mentally ill. I hit myself so badly that I had bumps and bruises. It was six or seven years for the guy. It was so bad back then. Seven days I cried five days a week and then Jens came. I always said to Jens: 'I am a wreck.' It was my absolute soul balm, it was so special. With him I was allowed to be what I am. "
Sexual Healing: How Did Prince Damien Find Out That He Is Bisexual? The campers want to know about the singer. "I collected a lot of baskets from girls. That's how it started," explains the 29-year-old openly. "In primary school I fell in love with one, but she didn't really want to have much to do with me. I would have hoped we'd hold hands. But she said I was too immature. I haven't been in love since , crush. When I was a teenager I started dancing because I was into a girl. She never had time for me, was always dancing and had another boyfriend. And then there was a boy when I was dancing that I found really interesting Then I thought: 'Ok, I'm gay, I just love boys.' But then girls run into your life again, with whom you can really imagine more. And that's funny. I'm torn, somehow lost! When, I want someone for a long time, for the heart and for everything! That is very, very complicated, "Prince Damien says.
Treasure hunt "All-round questions" with Anastasiya Avilova and Raúl Richter: A swivel chair and a wall with twelve pictures are waiting for Anastasiya and Raúl somewhere deep in the jungle. After both have tried to memorize the pictures, they are turned over. One after the other they have to take a seat in the ejection seat. As the chair rotates, questions such as "Which famous building is in Sydney?" or "What little animal with eight legs is one of the most dangerous in Australia?" posed. When the chair stops, the celebrity has to stumble and turn the right picture in response. There is a key for every correctly answered question – but only one key opens the lock on the chain of the treasure chest. The two stars are really strong nerves and have good memory. Almost all questions and images are answered correctly. Raúl only fails once. When asked "Which mammal carries its offspring in a bag?" he turns the koala image over. "No, crap," the actor calls. "Of course that's wrong. It's the kangaroo!" But the right key is among the others who have won.
The successful treasure hunters happily come to the camp with the box. There the group has to answer the following question: Who has more Instagram followers? US President Donald Trump and footballer Toni Kroos are available as possible answers. "Trump only makes Twitter," calls Claudia. Everyone quickly agrees and takes B. Right! Anastasiya is beaming a lemon out of the box. The joy is great, just not with Elena: "I am allergic to lemons – so please, please do not put in any food!"
Marco's Sea of ​​Tears: Yesterday it was the longing for his girlfriend Christina, now it is the past that makes Marco Cerullo cry bitterly. "You start here to think about a lot, a lot of things from the past. In Germany, you distract yourself with everything and try to forget everything. But here you get everything in your face the bachelorette candidate is covered in tears on the jungle phone. "I used to be really shit. Also to my parents. I hurt them so often, I disappointed a lot of people too. I'm really sorry. I was the black sheep in the family. I often doubt myself. I I'm also weak. Internally that's still little Marco. " He also opens up a bit to Claudia Norberg: "I was a bad child earlier, I was very, very bad when I was five or six years old. I started drinking alcohol very early – at the age of eleven or twelve" he. Claudia has a very special method of building it up. Loudly, almost insultingly, she talks to the 31-year-old: "My God, you have such a great friend. Lock up the past, don't let yourself catch up and control your thoughts."

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