The Witcher: This is the world of the new fantasy series

 The star of The Witcher on Netflix is ​​getting closer. Many fans are already looking forward to diving into the adaptation of the fantasy books. Lauren Hissrich, the producer of The Witcher, now reveals more about the dark world of the witcher in an interview, and it is not long before we accompany the monster hunter Geralt on his journey through the dark world of wizards and monsters. For many, the new Netflix show is already a replacement for the mega-hit Game Of Thrones and, of course, has high demands. The Witcher is not only about the witcher Geralt, but also about many other strong characters, as Lauren Hissrich knows: "At its core there are very well-founded characters. And the thing that excited me the most when I talked to Netflix about it was telling the story of Geralt the Witcher. But also telling the stories of Ciri and Yennefer. They are important characters in the books, but they are not presented there in as much detail as Geralt. "
The Witcher series includes a whole host of different stories, which often fall back on time. For Lauren Hissrich it quickly became clear which story she wanted to tell in the new Netflix adaptation: "I chose the story" The Last Wish ". In this story, he (Geralt) faces a character named Renfri and his worldview is questioned. Basically, we meet the witcher and find out what world he lives in, what position he thinks he’s in and how he thinks about it. "
In the first season we can especially look forward to the talks between Geralt and Renfri. He is a hard-boiled bandit who has it all behind his ears: "Geralt's interactions with Renfri are the emotional touchstone for the whole season. He often reconsiders the decisions he once made. It is Geralt's first confrontation with him Fate in the series. And it changes its way for the rest of the season. "
Book connoisseurs know that the world of witch hunters is not always colorful and cheerful. Hissrich also paid attention to this and explained: "What I love most about real people is that they often use humor in the face of a tragedy. It's the only way to keep going. And the characters in The Witcher do it all the time. It is well balanced, I think. "
Do you want to learn more about the dark world of The Witcher? Then take a look at our player below this text to see the full interview with Lauren Hissrich. Just click in to start the video.

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