Rock Hard – SEPULTURA: New song 'Last Time' released


20.12.2019, 18:39

SEPULTURA put the second new song of their upcoming album "Quadra" up for discussion.

The fifteenth longplayer of the Brazilian / American metallers hit the record shelves on February 7, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, with 'Last Time', SEPULTURA let the next foretaste of their upcoming disc "Quadra", which thematically revolves around the meaning of the number 4, in an accompanying lyric video. For the successor to the "Machine Messiah" record released in 2017, SEPULTURA once again worked with producer Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. Christiano Menezes was responsible for the cover artwork of "Quadra". The "Quadra" tracklist: 1. Isolation 2. Means To An End 3. Last Time 4. Capital Enslavement5. Ali 6. Raging Void 7. Guardians Of Earth 8. The Pentagram 9. Autem 10. Quadra 11. Agony Of Defeat 12. Fear; Pain; Suffering Hear 'Last Time' here in the Lyric video:

Bands: Sepultura

Author: Simon Bauer

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