"Farmer Seeks a Wife" – Again: Love Frustration Instead of Lust for the Future

              Monday, December 02, 2019
                From Kai Butterweck

              Finalize by WhatsApp, celebrate until the doctor comes and scams behind closed doors: The big "farmer looking for a wife" -recognition pulls out so many a delicately friend of dapper togetherness shoes.
              The meat was willing, Cupid was nationwide godfather and Chef-Verkupplerin Inka Bause squeezed all available fingers: Yes, also this year was on the selected "Bauer sucht Frau" -Höfen again everything prepared for forward-looking courtship adventure. So many forest and meadow couples came between cowshed and field pasture also pretty close. The big reunion outside the gates of Berlin, however, reveals that only a few farms were really real feelings in the game. All right, all right with Henry and Sabine? (Photo: TVNOW) Christian and Kai, the first two beer tent guests, would love to have their two ladies, Christina and Philine, by the hand. But neither in Lower Saxony nor in Hesse did the "great love" conclude long-term relationship contracts. No riding cow called "Resi" and no karaoke evening for vociferous fairground bards helped. While Christian von Philine got the "party tiger" red card, Es-hat-himself-unfortunately-nothing-developed-out fluttered for Christian quite carelessly via WhatsApp into the house. Aftershow analyst Inka Bause is stunned at Jauchequirrler Christopher and Riesenbauer Thomas H. did not spark it either. The latter has given everything, including pizza fireworks and pool ecstasy. But for Carina "unfortunately it was not enough". For Christopher, Cupid served the togetherness on the silver platter. Jennifer still does not understand why the dairy farmer from Cuxhaven "simply broke up" after the very promising farm week. The moaning farmer can not really explain it either. Aftershow analyst Inka Bause can only shake his head in disbelief. Not much happier, alpaca breeder Henry and Paraguayan farmer Rudi appear at the big reunion party. But even here, the fire of compassion goes out even before it has really started to blaze. Construction machine operator Henry has left his barbarian Sabine in the dark for six long weeks. And Mennonite farmer Rudi? He actually asked his Christina if she had been "bought" by the "Bauer sucht Frau" team. Oh man, no wonder that you have not got anything yet on the "love" series. Heartbreak farmer Michael can not help it Michael could not get enough Carina's displeasure. (Photo: TVNOW) Is it getting worse? But hello! The arrival of Heartbreak farmer Michael is still the crown of the previous Ohjeohje bustle of colleagues. After the amusing Conny faux pas and the embarrassing Carina recall action, the catalog farmer seemed to have time and desire to "have fun" with another lady from his extensive fund of candidates. That leaves even the not just on the mouth fallen Inka Bause the language. Only good that with Kerstin and Jürgen, Thomas W. and Bianca and Burkhard and Tanja in the end at least three couples present, where in terms of the future all traffic lights on Green stand. Who knows which Slayer cover version the presenter would have sung at the end of the festivities, if Amor had not jumped into the spotlight for the final. So the boss is singing her current perl homage celebrated by hitters into the microphone and wishes all present a "time that never fades". She has humor, yes, the Inca … "Bauer sucht Frau" is always available on TVNOW More information about the program is also available at

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