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              Friday, November 15, 2019
                        Volvo's sporty-green corner
                    Does it have to be a V60 Polestar Engineered?
                By Holger Preiss, Frankfurt

              Polestar has been at Volvo since time immemorial for the sporty side of the brand. This also applies in the course of the electrification of the brand. And yet you have to cut corners from next year. And that just in the top models.
                 Polestar has given the V60 T8 everything that makes a real athlete from the station wagon. (Photo: Holger Preiss) Understanding the concept Volvo is pursuing with his Polestar models is not that easy. On the one hand, the sports car manufacturer, led by former designer of the brand, Thomas Ingenlath, still embodies the most dynamic side of the Swedes, on the other hand, it is the green conscience and the figurehead of the inevitable complete electrification of Volvo. A balancing act in which the observer must forgive his face in pain as he watches the exercise. A true athlete, especially if you are allowed to drive the latest additions to the former tuner from Gothenburg, the Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered. Under the long hood works the well-known four-cylinder. However, it's linked to an electric motor that turns the car into a plug-in hybrid. While the supercharger with supercharged and turbocharged engine delivers 318 hp from two liters of displacement, the electric motor on the rear axle contributes another 87 horses. This in turn means that the Swedes indicate the system output with 405 hp, refer to a maximum torque of 670 Newton meters and indicate the sprint from a standstill to 100 km with 4.6 seconds. The Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered can still reach speeds of up to 250 km / h. (Photo: Holger Preiss) And what should the author say: that's right! The two-ton Swede shoots at the request of the gas foot and supported by battery and electric drive as if there is no tomorrow, while the automatic switch the gears over eight stages imperceptibly pushes up and the tachometer needle on the open track moves inexorably towards 250 , The sports driver rejoices, because even the Öhlins shock absorbers – motorcyclists know, that's something very fine – enables the racing Sweden to take turns with Schmackes. Load and steering changes are child's play with the very direct steering and a 19-inch brake system with gold-plated six-piston calipers. First and foremost an everyday car. Actually, everything about a Volvo V60 T8 Polestar engineered after sports screams for excessive Cornering and maybe even after the circuit. But at the latest when the drive for the models of the coming year at 180 km / h comes to an abrupt end, the pilot begins to doubt. At German premium manufacturers cars of this caliber run just up to 250 km before the electronics down. So, is the question why the Swede in the future throws the regulatory anchor? Eric Olsson from Polestar's Development Department explains it this way: "We wanted to make a sporty car, but did not use it for the circuit." Like the XC60 T8, the V60 T8, though revised by Polestar, is primarily an everyday car That's why we did the test runs on roads in Sweden, England and Germany. " The two black triangles on a white background identified the Volvo V60 as Polestar. (Photo: Holger Preiss) Sure – in England and Sweden is not the question of the maximum speed, in Germany already. Anyway, because it was interesting to hear from Olsson that the rides over 200 km / h on the German highway have "made him a bit scared". These are speeds that are only driven in Sweden on the race track and not in normal traffic. But while the Polestar models with burners from 2020 fall under the self-imposed speed limit, the expected pure electricians of the Volvo sub-brand to extend their potential weiter.Veilschwiegen by HeideDuring so the already decelerated motorists in Sweden, England or France even in the Considering that he is braked here with incredible horsepower already in the opening credits of the film, the German performer could seriously ask the question of why he should buy such a car as the V60 T8 with Polestar genes at a price of almost 70,000 euros , And here are the crosses in the list of options not yet factored in, which swarm the test car loose to 83,000 euros. For this money, other manufacturers offer performance cars that will not impose restrictions on the driver in the future. The T8 Polestar Engineered is also available as XC60. (Photo: Volvo) However, with regard to the Volvo, it must not be forgotten that this is a plug-in hybrid. And he is known to scurry quite secretly electrically through the heath. The range in Stromer mode is Volvo in the data sheet with 50 kilometers, the electronics in the vehicle is limited with full battery to a maximum of 37 kilometers. On request, the energy input determines the driving program "Hybrid for everyday use". What else means, than that in the lower speed range and up to 125 km / h purely electric driven. If the burners need assistance with a quick start, the e-motor powered by the battery is ready. It still consumes everything that eats – and that's not just Volvo's – due to the design-related power. Ergo the battery is emptied as fast as the 60 liter tank at high speed. Because the fuel consumption increases in such a powerful engine as the T8 easily to the 9.9 liters over 100 kilometers. Incidentally, this is even more noticeable in the XC60 T8. Here the consumption is then fast at 13 liters. That would not be worth mentioning if the T8 were offered for what it used to be: a Volvo carved up by Polestar with all the sporting freedoms. For them applies – and you may or may not like that: If you drive them fast, they consume a lot of fuel quickly. At the correct charging station, the battery is full again in three hours. (Photo: Volvo) Well, anyway, Volvo sorts the T8 into a sporty-green corner and wants to inspire people for these cars, which are emissive in the city with the electric motor emission-free, the athletic start of the double Lottchens enjoy and in the end are not sad, if they are no faster from 2020 than at speed 180 on the way. Always under the proviso that it is hardly possible even on German highways to drive so fast. But then what do I need, the author and maybe some readers, the expensive components for suspension, brakes, steering and a strut brace for stiffness, if I can never really get it all out? Will not I be able to get a "normal" V60 or XC60? Maybe a mild hybrid will be enough? Anyway, because all Volvo models will gradually be offered as mild hybrids, ie with 48 volt technology. Here, the electric motor supports the burner in different driving situations, for example when starting off. At the same time, braking energy is recuperated and stored in the 48 volt battery, to be available as an additional force during acceleration. Incidentally, the XC60 mild hybrid is already available for a slim 52,900 euros as a T4 with four-cylinder and 190 hp. Of course, not all desires in the car that the Swedes offer are configured here. Inside, the Polestar models differ by the small gear selector that controls the shift-by-wire technology. (Photo: Vovo) Oh, and one more thing: those familiar with Swedish nomenclature will wonder what the difference between a V60 T8 and a V60 T8 Polestar Engineered is. Quite simply: the above-mentioned performance components and 15 hp more. Everything else, such as the 11.6 kWh high-voltage battery, which consists of 96 lithium-ion cells charged at the household socket in 8 and at the charging point with 16 amps in three hours, the powertrain, the eight-speed automatic or the option to save "save energy" in drive mode for at least 15 electric kilometers, also have the conventional V60 T6 and T8 models. And the cost, with 340 or 390 hp, from 59,200 or 62,200 euros.

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