Rock Hard – X RAIDERS: 'Wasted' video is online


25.11.2019, 13:54

X RAIDERS draw attention to their upcoming record "Weltschmerz '89" with the new video clip for 'Wasted'.

The guys combine on their record influences from TURBONEGRO to early SOILWORK to IRON MAIDEN. "Weltschmerz '89" will be released on January 31, 2020 and was recorded live at Wisseloord Studios. Attie Bauw produced the disc and marvels: "They are the loudest band I've ever recorded and believe me, I've recorded a lot." Singer Daniel muses on the latest disc "Weltschmerz '89": "You might come to that So let's just say the world is not a very nice place, but we'd like to think that the world just needs a bit more rock 'n' roll, and people who do what they love. "You can watch X RAIDERS live on the 6th. March 2020 in the bathhouse in Berlin experience. Further concert dates are in progress.


Author: Alexandra Michels

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