Rock Hard – EPICA: "The Essence Of Epica" book arrives in early December


31.10.2019, 15:54

EPICA will release their new book "The Essence Of Epica" on December 9, where you can get an impression of the band's career.

The book presents specially selected rare photos, memorabilia and personal stories by the Symphonic Metallers. Baby, school and college photos, live snapshots and backstage impressions are equally represented. In addition to the current cast, the former members Ad Sluijter and Yves Huts were also involved in the compilation. In addition, there are anecdotes of some people from the tight EPICA environment to read. "The Essence of Epica" tells each person their own story from the first-person perspective, starting with their childhood and youth, their musical influences and details about the coming together of the Tape. The narrators describe how EPICA was founded and successful, playing concerts all around the globe, ultimately giving them their present status. "The Essence Of Epica" is used both in the "Classic" version and in the "Classic" version. Signature "version with deluxe folding box signed by the band (including three exclusive original art prints by Stefan Heilemann). At you can preorder the book.

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Author: Alexandra Michels

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