Polish authorities find swine fever near the German border

Monday, 18.11.2019

In Poland, a case of African swine fever (ASF) has been registered in the border region with Germany. The animal epidemic was discovered Thursday on a wild boar found dead, said the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Berlin. The authority had been informed by the Polish veterinary service.


In addition to Romania, Hungary and the Baltic region, Poland is one of the regions most affected by African swine fever in Europe. The virus infection is an animal disease that was introduced from Africa to Europe some time ago. It often leads to death in domestic and domestic pigs after a short illness. There are no vaccines. For other species of animals and humans, the virus is safe.

The current case was detected in Wschowski district in the Lubusz Voivodship about 80 kilometers from the border with Brandenburg. According to the Polish veterinary service, a wild boar was affected, which had already died on 4 November near the highway between the villages of Nowa Sol and Slava in the district of Vzhsovsky in a wildlife accident. The African swine fever was detected in subsequent investigations.


  The affected Polish Lubusz Voivodeship has called a crisis team. According to current knowledge, there are no pig farms in the region. However, the voivodeship and the veterinary authorities would carry out extensive checks in the coming days, according to a statement from the staff.

Brandenburg is well prepared

So far, experts believe that it is an isolated outbreak, which is not related to the previously known outbreaks of African swine fever in the rest of Poland. "The distance from the other outbreak locations is more than 300 kilometers," it says as a reason. In the east of Poland there have been cases of animal disease for five years.

  To Germany, the African swine fever has not made it so far. However, the epidemic is also a threat to Germany, said the Ministry of Agriculture. Prevention therefore comes first. Already in 2018 there had been an exercise to improve the communication between Poland and Germany in the matter.


The Brandenburg Consumer Protection Ministry sees itself well prepared for the event of an outbreak in Germany. Although the ministry did not expect a case 80 kilometers away from the border, preparations have already been made for the crisis case for two years, said spokesman Uwe Krink.

  The African swine fever is carried over contaminated items such as tools, shoes or tires. Also, infested with the virus food and contaminated feed can spread the infection. Travelers traveling to Germany from countries affected by the African swine fever are therefore advised not to discard their sausage products carelessly at the roadside.

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