Market with 3.5 million users: London withdraws from the license

              Monday, November 25, 2019

              Uber has a tough time in Europe. Now the car dealer probably loses the largest market on the continent. Following recent incidents, the competent authority does not renew the license to operate on London's roads.
              The transport service broker Uber may no longer offer its services in London in the future. After several violations, which would have endangered the safety of the passengers, the license is not renewed, communicated the public transport authority TfL (transport for London). Officially, it should expire at midnight, but Uber may continue to work until the decision on a vocation for now. "Safety is our top priority," the agency said. It is unacceptable that Uber cooperates with possibly unlicensed and uninsured drivers. The British capital is the largest European market for the transport intermediary – but also a prestigious location with strong competition. According to the company, about 3.5 million people in London use the app, about 40,000 people are registered as a driver. London Mayor Sadiq Khan supported the decision. He knew that many Uber users were dissatisfied with this decision. "But their safety is the most important concern," Khan said. Too often drivers have falsified their profiles last, passengers were unknowingly risen to suspended drivers in the car.

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