Journey into the past: The cat takes a family photo

              Tuesday, 05. November 2019

              Daniela Katzenberger is known for cute children's pictures, but mostly her daughter is depicted on it. Together with her brother, the 33-year-old now sends her fans into the past – and they love it.
              Roaring teeth, scruffy hair and big dirty eyes – that's not what TV star Daniela Katzenberger looks like today. Her fans let the cat partake in a bit of childhood on her new Instagram post – and her brother Tobias joins in as well. "… had to talk to my brother for more than half an hour, to be photographed with a doll over 30 years later", writes Daniela Katzenberger to her picture. Facial expression, outfit, and the doll as an accessory: The 33-year-old has just thought of everything. The fans like the unusual picture, in the comments it hails heart-emojis. But not only the nature of the photo is special, even the cast is so rare to see on the net. Tobias Katzenberger, unlike the rest of his family, prefers to stay away from the limelight. Why is that, explained his famous sister in an interview with the "BILD" newspaper in May 2016, as follows: "My brother is not so much in the foreground and does not lead a life in public, it does not have to stand in front of the camera But we see each other regularly when I visit my family. "With their often funny and self-deprecating postings, reality stars regularly enthuses their Instagram followers. Just recently she posted a "spooky" Halloween photo – without disguise.

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