"Islamic State": Authorities investigate 116 suspected IS returnees

Thursday, 28.11.2019
07:05 clock

The returnees of IS supporters to Germany has been employing German security agencies for weeks. Turkey recently announced plans to send back imprisoned IS supporters to their home countries. According to information from the Interior Ministry, the authorities are currently investigating 116 people who have returned to Germany from areas of the "Islamic State" terrorist militia.


This is from an information of the Ministry to the FDP member of parliament Stefan Ruppert forth, which is present the news agency dpa.

The authorities in this country knew of a total of 122 people who had "at least temporarily" pressed in the field of terrorist militia, writes the Interior Ministry.

  On the other hand, with six persons from this group there is insufficient evidence of a serious crime, such as the preparation of an attack or the formation of a terrorist group. The information refers to the status of November 12th.

Dozens still in Syrian prisons

The return of alleged supporters poses major problems for the authorities. Because often the investigators do not know how dangerous the returnees are. In the middle of October, security circles of more than 80 German IS supporters in Syria went to detention centers and prisons.

  Extremism expert Thomas Mücke recently called in SPIEGEL to resume children of returnees without reservations. He also warned some of the returnees (read more here).

  "We are dealing with a high number of returnees who have committed crimes in connection with the man-contempting regime of the Islamic State." It is now the task of the German justice system to prosecute these acts consistently, "demanded FDP politician Ruppert.

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