How much blame does Florian Kohfeldt carry on the Werder misery?

For nearly two years, Florian Kohfeldt was virtually only uphill at SV Werder. But in the late autumn of 2019, the 37-year-old is suddenly called as a crisis manager. Controversial remains, how much debt the recently traded even at BVB Coach contributes to the crash of Bremen. End of March, the football celebrities lined up to congratulate Florian Kohfeldt. The native Siegener had a special honor: the award as "Coach of the Year 2018". Reinhard Grindel, at that time still a DFB president, enthused: "Under him, Werder Bremen plays fresh, inspiring and successful football." Only seven months later, the eulogies are silent.

Eleven points from eleven games, seven league games without victory and 24 goals have brought the SV Werder, who had started with the season goal European Cup, in the immediate vicinity of the relegation region. Ebendahin, where no Bremen wanted to be more. Kohfeldt knows the situation: When he took over the Hanseatic League in October 2017 from the luckless Alexander Nouri, they were penultimate. In a surprisingly short time, the promoted U23 coach managed to breathe new life into an unsettled team. The year's best of the DFB-trainer training 2015 let his team play offensively and courageously to the delight of the fans – regardless of whether the opponent FC Bayern Munich or FC Augsburg was called. What in the preseason almost enough for the entry into the Europa League, is now a problem , Because: Werder usually keeps up, but does not win anymore. No wonder that the wind on the Weser is turning slowly. Kohfeldt does not get a grip on the dramatic standard weakness. Although Kohfeldt is still firmly in the saddle, at the moment he has to put up with uncommonly many critical questions. The most urgent: Why do not Bremer their dramatic standard weakness under control? In the recent 1: 3 in Gladbach the Green-Whites conceded already the tenth (!) Gegentreffer after a dormant ball. Kohfeldt then fled into Galgenhumor. "I request that we play in the future without standards," the instructor instructed. All the more curious that the SVW had brought in the summer break a specialist for this discipline in the coaching team. But since Ilia Gruev works with the team, nothing runs defensively together.Freilich affects the incredible injury misery, which had at the same time put twelve professionals out of action at the same time, to this day. Almost weekly, Kohfeldt had to rebuild his four-chain, automatisms could not develop like that. Nevertheless, the head coach is not only the victim of the adverse circumstances.Kohfeldt Nibelungentreue becomes a dilemmaIm actually quiet Bremen environment are increasing voices questioning Kohfeldt's personal decisions. For weeks, the 37-year-old holds on form-weak players who do not justify the confidence. Left on the left of the Austrian Marco Friedl currently has a free ticket, although he has remained the proof of his Bundesliga suitability so far. The representative of the permanently injured Ludwig Augustinsson has long been identified by the competition as the Achilles heel of defense, often run almost all attacks by the opponent on his side. And Kohfeldt? He keeps the trained center-back in a position that obviously does not suit him. This Nibelungentreue is more and more a dilemma. As little as he can change the failure of the performers Augustinsson and Niklas Moisander – the formation of a harmonizing eleven is ultimately the responsibility of the coach. And this is just Kohfeldt currently rarely fair Just another prominent example is Maximilian Eggestein. The self-grown plant pays tribute to the exhausting EM summer, is apparently totally overplayed. But Kohfeldt does not grant him the much needed breather. The squad has a high-quality alternative with Philipp Bargfrede. The situation in the goal is more difficult. Jiri Pavlenka, who was one of the best keepers in the Bundesliga in the past two seasons, is in a serious crisis. The former support has meanwhile mutated into a risk factor. That Kohfeldt still backs the Czech and makes challenger Stefanos Kapino fidget is understandable, otherwise Pavlenka would be completely disassembled. The transfer strategy of Werder Bremen may be doubtedZugutehalten one must Kohfeldt that he works in Bremen with limited funds. Year after year, those responsible for manager Frank Baumann face the tricky task of having to rebuild the team with a relatively small budget. In the last change periods worked very well, additions such as Milot Rashica and Davy Klaassen have not only the playful level, but also their market value increased significantly. In the previous summer, however, the North Germans were often wrong. 13.7 million euros were invested in the purchases or loans of Friedl, Niclas Füllkrug, Ömer Toprak, Michael Lang and Leonardo Bittencourt. The interim balance of the new fall for various reasons sobering out. Almost exclusively to rely on professionals who have as much experience in Germany's highest league, in their ex-clubs but only sporadically came to the train, pays so far not enough. In this respect, Werder's transfer strategy may be questioned. Many a failure, especially the absence of an Augustinsson backup, is now taking its revenge. How do the people of Bremen want to escape the negative spiral? First of all, with consistency: "Anyone who has seen the game in Gladbach can not seriously say that the way is the wrong one," Kohfeldt recently clarified. Still, the majority agrees to him, after all, Werder has recently acted even against top clubs on equal terms. Only never won. Time was in the analysis of opportunity usurious talk, sometimes of individual dropouts, occasionally also the lack of gaming luck. To reduce the crash in the basement only on factors that are not trainable, of course, would naive.Bis the winter break crisis manager Kohfeldt should win with his protégés at least three of the outstanding six games to crack at least the 20-point mark. Otherwise the "Coach of the Year 2018" could become the "Relegation of the Year 2019." Heiko Lutkehus

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