Formula 1: Bottas annoy Rosberg comparisons

2019 was a positive year for Valtteri Botta's bottom line. Although the Finn could not be dangerous to his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the world title at the end of the season. But with four wins and 314 championship points Bottas is already two races before the end of the season better than ever before in his Formula 1 career. In addition, he is already for the first time as vice-world champion. "Overall, I think that it was my best so far [Saison] in Formula 1," also Bottas shows himself satisfied. "But it was still not the season I want to have, I have to be even more consistent and make fewer mistakes," the 30-year-old also self-critical. Because especially in the race pace Hamilton made in 2019 still the stronger impression.

In the pole position Bottas has the nose against Hamilton this year even with 5: 4 front. But 10: 4 race victories for the world champion speak a clear language, as far as the pace on Sunday. Nevertheless, Bottas himself emphasizes his upward trend. For the future, he is confident that he sees the results of his work with the engineers and even progress on himself.Bottas annoy Rosberg comparisons He has already worked on "many weaknesses" of the past. "I was able to improve my pace quite a bit under different circumstances, which is very satisfying," says Bottas. But what is needed to take the next step by 2020 and be able to fight for the title by the end of the year? In 2019 he could only compete with Hamilton in the World Cup in the early stages of the season. At the beginning of the year, when he won two races in the first four races and led the World Cup, there was talk of the "new" Bottas. Do we see a yet improved Bottas 3.0 in 2020? He himself explains that he wants to use the remaining two races in 2019 to build momentum for 2020 – just like Nico Rosberg did in 2015 before he became world champion in 2016. The German then won the last three races of the season when Hamilton was already the world champion , A very similar situation, but Bottas annoy the Rosberg comparisons. When asked, he explains: "To be honest, this question bothers me a bit, every driver is different, I'm not Nico, of course I have plans for how I want to achieve my goal – which is the championship." Brazil: The goal is the next victory "For that I have to beat my team mate – but also many other pilots – I always let the results speak at the track and if I concentrate all my energy on my performance that's the best way for me", Bottas believes He does not want to get involved in any games and waste energy on other things. Therefore, he does not want to change his approach at the last races of the season in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. "I do not think so, it's the same approach, there are two ways to win a race, that's the only goal for me," he says. For 2020 he already has a plan. "I do not want to tell him," he grins, however. So you can be curious.

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