Burglary in the Green Vault: Dresdner police starts from four perpetrators

              Wednesday, November 27, 2019

              A few days after the spectacular jewel robbery in the Green Vault of Dresden, police are searching for four perpetrators. However, the Tatortarbeit designed as "very expensive". The reason for this is among other things the powder fire extinguisher, with which the perpetrators wanted to cover tracks.
              After the burglary into the treasury Green Vault in Dresden, the police are now from four perpetrators. The police directorate Dresden today confirmed corresponding media reports. According to this, two other suspects outside the building were to be seen in addition to the two perpetrators, who are seen inside a surveillance video inside the Residenzschloss. The crime scene work is "very expensive," it says of the investigators. Because the perpetrators used a powder fire extinguisher to cover their tracks. So far, the Special Commission "Epaulette" received a total of 205 references from the population. These would be evaluated and "prioritized". In addition, further recordings of various surveillance cameras were evaluated. On Monday morning burglars had penetrated through a window in the Historical Green Vault. Within minutes they stole jewelery of great value from a display case and then fled with a car, which they later lit in an underground car park. The fire of a power distribution box near the Augustus Bridge should also be related to the act. As a result, the street lighting around the crime scene in the Residenzschloss was canceled in the early morning. After researching the "image" the police should later also burglary tools found in the burned-out car. Dirk Syndram, director of the Grünes Gewölbe, has now commented on the security measures in the "Schatzkammermuseum" in the "Sächsische Zeitung" newspaper. "Our security system was reviewed four years ago, with the result that everything is fine," he said. "It was almost like 'Mission Impossible' what they were doing." Syndram was surprised by how quickly the glass of the showcase could be destroyed. "What the supplier of safety glass promised us, did not hold." Assuming that you have to hit it for fifteen minutes with an ax before it can be damaged. Meanwhile, the Dresden Residenzschloss is reopened for the first time after the jewel theft from the Green Vault. However, the crowd of visitors was limited: "There are less than normal after the regular closing day," said a colleague at the box office in the small castle courtyard. The Green Vault will remain closed until further notice.

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